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Norah Jones

Peace is for everyone!

Rauha kuuluu kaikille!

Kuuntelepa tämä iki-ihana laulu, jonka esittää Ravi Shankarin tytär, maaliskuun 30. vuonna 1979 New Yorkissa syntynyt Norah Jones. Hän aikamme suosituimpia jazz-laulajia. Hän on ollut jäsenenä Wax Poetic- ryhmässä ennen debyyttiään albumilla Come Away With Me. Häntä voidaan vielä kuulla heidän kanssaan kahdella raidalla levyllä Nublu Sessions

Norah Jones, born on March 30th 1979 in New York City, is one of the most popular and jazz-influenced singers of our time. She was a member of Wax Poetic before her debut album Come Away With Me. She can still be heard singing with them on two tracks of their release, Nublu Sessions.

Her debut album Come Away With Me sold 18 million copies worldwide and won 5 Grammy Awards in 2003.

Her second album, Feels Like Home, with folk tendency, is the highest-selling album in the history of Blue Note Records with over a million copies sold within the first week. Norah Jones was listed among the most influential people of 2004 by the Time Magazine.

On January 30, 2007 Norah Jones released her third album, Not Too Late - a collection of 13 original songs, itunes includes a bonus live track of the song Sinkin' Soon. This was the most pre-ordered album of all time on

The daughter of The Beatles-influencing sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar, Jones doesn't closely follow any particular genre, rather she brings her unique jazzy flavor to songs with roots in country, folk, Americana, and modern light jazz and pop.

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